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Blackstone 36 Inch Stainless Steel Griddle

Blackstone Stainless Steel Griddle Review: The Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Companion

Outdoor cooking enthusiasts often seek equipment that combines durability with versatility, and the Blackstone Stainless Steel Griddle is a popular choice for those looking to elevate their grilling experience.

This sleek griddle is crafted to cater to a variety of cooking needs, whether it's preparing breakfast favorites like pancakes and eggs or searing burgers and steaks.

Its robust construction and stainless steel materials promise longevity and ease of maintenance while offering a substantial cooking surface for entertaining large groups.

The Blackstone Stainless Steel Griddle stands out with its advanced features such as an integrated grease management system, which simplifies cleanup, and a high BTU output for consistent cooking temperatures.

Some models come equipped with additional conveniences like air fryers, hoods, and cabinetry, enhancing its functionality.

These integrated features not only facilitate a more enjoyable cooking environment but also assist in meal preparation and organization.

Those invested in creating a culinary hub in their own backyard will find that a Blackstone Stainless Steel Griddle could be a worthwhile addition.

It's designed to suit both novice grillers and seasoned chefs, ensuring a user-friendly experience without compromising on professional results.

With multifunctionality at its core, this griddle aligns with the modern outdoor cook's expectation for high performance and quality in their grilling equipment.

Design and Build Quality

Blackstone Stainless Steel Griddles are recognized for their rob


ust construction and well-thought-out design. These attributes ensure that users get a blend of durability and efficient cooking experience.

Material and Durability

The Blackstone 36" Griddle Cooking Station is predominately constructed with stainless steel, known for its rust resistance and ability to withstand the elements.

Stainless steel makes for a resilient cooking appliance, promising longevity and easy maintenance.

The steel construction bestows the Blackstone griddles with superior structural integrity, making it suitable for frequent outdoor use.


Cooking Space and Dimensions

This model features ample cooking space, with 36 inches of griddle surface allowing for large meal preparations and entertaining.

Specific dimensions of the cooking space are geared toward efficiency and versatility.

The expansive cooktop is paired with a Rear Grease Management System, designed to make the cooking experience cleaner and more convenient.

Additional Features

Blackstone griddles come equipped with a variety of additional features:

  • Hood: Protects the griddle surface when not in use and assists in heat retention during cooking.
  • Paper Towel Holder: Adds to the convenience, keeping paper towels at hand for quick clean-ups.
  • Side Shelves: Provide additional space for food preparation or to hold ingredients and utensils.
  • Magnetic Zone: A handy spot for securing metallic tools.
  • Cutting Board: Integrated for quick and easy chopping right by the cooking area.
  • Garbage Bag Holder: A thoughtful addition to keep the cooking space tidy.

Each feature is designed to enhance the cooking experience, making the Blackstone Stainless Steel Griddle not just a cooking station, but a comprehensive outdoor kitchen solution.

Performance and Usage

The Blackstone Stainless Steel Griddle is engineered for high-performance outdoor cooking, offering users precise control over their culinary creations.

It features a substantial BTU output and distinct cooking zones that respond to a chef's need for versatility and consistency in heat distribution.

Heating Efficiency

The Blackstone Griddle shines with an impressive 60,000 BTUs of heat output, ensuring rapid heating and recovery times.

Equipped with a Heat Control Baffle System, it allows for even heat distribution across the extensive cooking surface.

Users can expect a griddle that reaches cooking temperature swiftly, maintaining it as required for varied outdoor cooking tasks.

Cooking Zones

With this griddle, chefs have the advantage of utilizing Independently Controlled Cooking Zones.

Each zone is managed by its own Culinary Control Handle, offering the ability to cook different foods at their optimal temperatures side by side.

This ensures that everything from delicate vegetables to thick cuts of meat can be cooked simultaneously without compromising on quality or flavor.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintaining a Blackstone Stainless Steel Griddle involves regular cleaning to preserve its performance and appearance. Special attention should be given to the grease management system and after-use care to ensure the griddle's longevity and safety.

Grease Management System

The Grease Management System represents a critical component in the upkeep of a Blackstone Griddle.

Models with a Rear Grease Management System are designed for effective collection and disposal of grease.

To maintain this system:

  • Empty the grease trap: Routine checks after each use will prevent overflow and reduce the risk of flare-ups.
  • Clean the catch area: Use warm water and a mild detergent to wipe the catch, avoiding harsh chemicals that can damage the surface.

After-Use Care

Post-cooking care is essential for preserving the griddle's surface and ensuring future meal quality. The process includes:

  • Cooling down: Allow the griddle to cool completely before starting any cleaning procedure to prevent any potential thermal shock to the metal.

  • Surface cleaning: Wipe the surface with a cloth and warm water. For more stubborn residue, lightly scrub with a pumice stone using gentle circular motions.

  • Oiling the surface: Lightly coat the griddle with cooking oil to create a protective layer that prevents rust and maintains a non-stick surface.

Proper handling of the Heat Control Baffle System, if applicable, can aid in uniformly distributing heat during cooking and should also be kept clean and in good working order.

Storage and Accessories

The Blackstone Stainless Steel Griddle boasts an array of integrated storage solutions and is designed for compatibility with a variety of cooking accessories, enhancing both the cooking experience and convenience.

Integrated Storage Solutions

The Blackstone griddle comes equipped with ample storage features.

The 36" Stainless Steel Griddle model includes cabinets offering a discreet solution to house a propane tank, keeping it out of sight while accessible.

This enhances the aesthetic appeal while also providing practical storage space.

Moreover, the unit typically features dual side shelves, which serve as additional surfaces for meal prep.

These shelves often include magnetic tool strips, which are quite handy for keeping grilling tools within reach.

Cooking Accessories Compatibility

Blackstone griddles support a range of cooking accessories to maximize culinary possibilities.

They offer SKU options tailored for seamless integration with the griddle's design.

Notable mentions include a medium cast iron griddle press and a stainless steel butter roller, both available for purchase online, sometimes at a discounted sale price.

Inventory for these items is maintained, ensuring that accessories like griddle caddies, which are designed to keep all your essential cooking accessories organized, are readily available.

These accessories help in keeping the cooking space clear and manageable, allowing chefs to focus on the cooking experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, readers will find concise answers to common inquiries regarding the use and care of Blackstone stainless steel griddles.

How do you properly maintain a Blackstone stainless steel griddle to prevent rust?

One must regularly clean their Blackstone griddle and apply a thin coat of high smoke point oil, such as grapeseed or avocado oil, to protect the surface.

It is important to repeat this oiling process multiple times after the initial seasoning.

What are the differences between the various sizes of Blackstone stainless steel griddles?

The size of a Blackstone griddle determines the cooking area available, which affects the amount of food one can prepare simultaneously.

Sizes can range from 17 inches up to 36 inches, with the larger sizes providing more cooking zones and space for larger gatherings.

Can you replace the top of a Blackstone griddle with a stainless steel version?

Yes, a top of a Blackstone griddle can be replaced with a stainless steel version, provided that the replacement part is compatible with the model of the griddle owned.

What are the best practices for cleaning a Blackstone stainless steel griddle after use?

After use, one should wait for the griddle to cool down, scrape off any food residue with a metal scraper, and then wipe down the surface with a cloth or paper towels.

For a deeper clean, water can be used followed by reapplication of oil.

How does a stainless steel griddle from Blackstone differ from a cast iron one in terms of performance?

A stainless steel griddle provides a different cooking surface that is less prone to rusting and requires less maintenance than cast iron.

The heat distribution may vary, with stainless steel potentially offering more consistent temperatures across the surface.

Are there any models of Blackstone griddles that come with a hood or lid included?

There are models of Blackstone griddles that come equipped with a hood or lid. This feature is helpful for protecting the cooking surface when not in use. It can also aid in certain cooking methods, like steaming

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