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July Summer Deals, Savings and Fast Free Shipping Above $49
July Summer Deals, Savings and Fast Free Shipping Above $49

Happy Customers

Based on 263 reviews
Amazing addition to our home!

We are so in love with our Primo Kamado it's incredible!!! Patioscape Outdoors had it shipped out to us in 6 days and my husband couldn't of been any happier when it landed. Although he spends a LOT more time on the grill now, we love it when it's a Friday/Saturday and it's time to kick back, relax, grill some nice food and just have a beautiful day. Thanks for helping us get this grill and make life even better!

10/10 Kamado grill worth every penny

Coming here to show my appreciation as I never do these reviews after a purchase but I felt compelled to after the awesome experience it was to get my Primo Grill from Patioscape. The Grill is kickin' and man am I and the family enjoying it. Love the way it looks, it locks in the heat and really delivers on whatever you throw on it. Can't recommend a Primo Kamado enough!!!

XL Best Decision I Ever Made...

I've been cookin on this XL 400 for the past 2 months now and i's sure been a hell of a time! The quality of the grill, ease of use and flavor the food comes out of this thing is just unmatched. Really appreciate Patioscape Outdoors for helping me choose out this amazing Kamado grill and getting it to me within 5 days. Let's get back to grillin!

Awesome Heat Control

I’m impressed with how well this grill controls the heat. Perfect for different types of cooking. Fast shipping and excellent customer service!

First Blackstone Product and We Love It!

We've waited a little over a year to get this Griddle and wow we absolutely love it - made our first breakfast for the grandkids this morning in our newly built outdoor kitchen. We've been waiting for this moment for a while now and going with the 28 in Griddle was the PERFECT choice! I am so excited thank you Patioscape Outdoors!

Best summer campfire ever

Product is great. Service and shipping superb. Price was rite. Enjoying in the forest and look forward to the winter

We Love our Pizza Oven!

I bought the Pi pizza oven for my wife for her birthday. It was so easy to use and set up. We are obsessed and have used it twice in 5 days and plan on using it on the 4th of July instead of a traditional BBQ. Truly a fun way to eat with friends and family!

Awesome turnout

Patioscape Outdoors recommended the Primo Large Grill for me. I think they did a great job! They were very professional, and maintained excellent communication during my order. I recommend them!

Gave away the big gas grill!

The versatility and quality of the Primo is superb! We use this 3-4 times per week. With the divider, offset cooking is a breeze. Go on the Primo forum for recipes & user tips from other aficionados. This is an investment that pays big dividends in excellent tasting food.

I could not be happier, 5 stars, excellent service

If you are reading this review then you probably already know all about the Primo Kamado's and how awesome they are. You've done all the online research already and you're just trying to convince yourself. Buy it already, you won't regret it!!!

Awesome Grill!

So I've had about 10 cooks so far. The primo Kamado is amazing. The food comes out delicous. Well worth the coin. The free bbq tools...meh. the tongs are pretty much useless, I cannot hardly grasp anything with them, half the time the food slips right out. Glad I kept my old pair. Overall fantastic cooker though that I would highly recommend!

Excellent ceramic grill made in the USA - Primo LG

Primo is a ceramic outdoor cooker. It's much like the Big Green Egg which is enjoying a lot of buzz lately. In fact, the products are quite similar but Primo goes with an oval shape which means a little more grilling or cooking space especially in this extra large model.

Ceramic grills or cookers are not traditional grills. They take a convection approach to captitalize on the heat retention of the ceramic body. They really are like little outdoor ovens. But, the fuel is charcoal, so you get that smoked flavor. Natural lump charcoal is used in ceramics (because it burns hotter and longer with less ash to clean out). So, do not expect the old school charcoal flavor with this or any other ceramic.

As far as the grilling, Primo has enough heat to nicely grill steaks and burgers without them tasting baked rather than grilled. But, you can do so much more with a convection ceramic. They are, for example, super for outdoor pizza, since the temps can go up really high - much higher than most home ovens.

One thing I'd note is that ceramic cookers are heavy. Really heavy. I needed the boys to get mine set up. But, when you get the Primo in the stand with wheels, then it can be moved around on flat surfaces. Again, I'd need help if getting over a drop off like steps.

Plan to spend a little more to get accessories for this or any ceramic cooker. The side tables, for example, are super handy and make for a nicer set up than having a separate unattached table. A grill pizza stone is also a good buy if you do like outdoor brick oven tasting pizza.

One thing I especially like about Primo is that it's made in the USA. That's a good thing and means jobs for folks during a bad economy.

Overall, I can definitely recommend Primo if you're looking for a grill that gives awesome tastes and memories for a lifetime!

Birthday Gift!!!

This grill was purchased as a gift for my boyfriend. He proposed the following day if it gives you any idea of how excited he was, haha!

From the time I placed my order, until delivery, I've been pleased with the customer service! Shipping was extremely prompt and the freight company was easy to work with! Even the driver was super nice :-) The grill arrived as it should have, without any damage (others seem to not have had the same fate?)

The grill itself is worth the investment! I haven't attempted baking with it, and doubt I will try. Although it's nice to have the capability in case my oven breaks and I get the urge to bake a cake.

There's nothing better!!

I can’t say enough good things about Primo Grills and the Company as a whole. I hear people say “they’re too expensive!” Until you own one you do not realize the value of a quality grill/smoker/oven. We use our Primo more than our stove. You can put meat on to slow smoke all day or you can make a pizza real easily. These grills are top quality and the customer service is top notch too. I highly recommend Primo Grills to anyone looking for an outstanding grill that will last a lifetime and is made in USA.

You're wrong if you don't buy this grill

This grill is amazing. For my first light, I smoked a brisket. Well the next day I smoked another brisket because it was so good! This grill holds temp better than I expected and it's so easy to get it to temp. Wish I had made this purchase a lot sooner. I do a lot of smoking and have a box smoker from a different company. If I'm doing a small cook I'll def be utilizing those grill instead of the large box. Very easy to use and the cart was easy to assemble and move around. 10/10 Loving my Primo

Quality & Customer Service

I'm a long time Primo Grill fan, so knew what I was getting. An American made, high quality, versatile back yard cooking system. Delivery was flawless. Just have some friends around to assist with moving into place.

Most functional kamado style I have cooked on.

I love the fact that this is the only 2 zone kamado style on the market and LOVE the fact that it's made in the USA., Make sure to get the pizza oven kit!! The kids look forward to our weekly pizza nights on the Primo. The name says it all - It's the Best. I have cooked on every style and brand Kamado, this 2 zone function allows you to do it all!

Primo Oval LG is Prime Grill Quality

Primo Ceramics by far are of the highest quality compared to BIG Green Egg and Kamado Joe. The shape has many advantages as you can truly do two zone cooking unlike with rounded kamados; in addition, the bottom vent is located close to the left side making the airflow start at that side and then making it around which kind of reminds me of the offset smoker. That design will produce better meats. Seems like Primo always evolve, and they have cracked Firebox instead of a whole one. I have also heard they might improve their hinge in the future that would be big improvement since that dome weights almost as much as the base, very heavy. And they are developing stainless steel grates which is also nice. I have had quite a hassle with getting primo grill due to shipping issues, but what surprised me is the responsiveness of both, Primo and Patioscape Outdoors. You cannot go wrong with Primo Grill, they are champions at ceramic kamados at so many levels, always improving and are made in the USA which speaks - quality due to all the quality controls and environment laws & regulations we have in this country.

Great, long lasting grill!!!

These are great smoker/ grills. These guys just helped me retire mine after 11 Years of frequent use and get a new one! If you like natural charcoal grilling and flavor these are the best! The oval design allows for plenty of grilling space and will blow you away for many years to come. Highly recommend!

Best all around grill I've ever used!

Best all around grill/smoker I've ever used. I have used the 2 zone setup for reverse searing 2" thick bone in rib-eye steaks to perfection. I smoked 2 brisket points low and slow and the Primo held the temperature rock solid for a 10 smoke at 240 degrees. The charcoal would have lasted at least 15 hours. I look forward to making wood fired pizzas in it when I get my pizza stone.

Great Kamado and super Helpful Customer Service

Yesterday was my first time visiting this store. They had fantastic knowledgeable service and reasonably priced products. When I ordered this grill from them, it was perfect for my family and we started enjoying the outdoors and staying home. I will experience getting a fireplace from them and will definitely be back in the near future. I highly recommend PSO

The Best Ceramic on the planetMike Radosevich

First and foremost I LOVE that it's made in the USA. This is hands down the highest quality ceramic product the US market has to offer. The versatility of of the oval designs allows the consumer to smoke, grill, roast at the same time. As someone who has had the opportunity to cook on many various brands of ceramic, Primo is truly in a league of its own.

Love this grill!!

I have a Primo large round kamado. I've had it for more than 25 years, and I'm not the original owner. Last year the dome cracked so I contacted Patioscape Outdoors and they were able to help me get a new Primo Grill at a discount and get it to my house within 5 days. I had been living with a Primo grill for a lot of my life so getting another one was non even a question.

If you're in the market for a grill that will last you a long-time and give you and your family long-lasting memories at a good price, a Primo Kamado should be your go-to!!!!

This product could not have a better warranty!

I purchased the XL400 in 2013 along with the large cypress table. Over the years, I've added several accessories including a cover, searing grill, two raised grills, two ceramic deflectors with racks, and a firebox divider. I've had to replace the temperature gauge, grate, and seal twice, but the grill has consistently delivered excellent results, whether I'm cooking steak, chicken, hamburgers, pork roast, chops, loin, fish, kabobs, or engaging in low-temperature smoking in recent years.

In 2021, I filed a warranty claim for my firebox which had developed a single crack. Primo declined the claim, stating the firebox was still functional. I continued to use the grill without any issues for two more years. However, by late 2023, I noticed a second crack, and the two pieces of the firebox were leaning against the inside of the lower half of the grill. I also observed spiderwebbing in the glazed surface of the grill.

I filed another warranty claim with Primo, and this time they honored it, sending me all ceramic replacement parts since the current parts are not interchangeable with grills manufactured before 2014. I paid for a new handle/hinge assembly and grate, as well as the shipping costs. I received my new grill last week and am currently refinishing and repairing the cypress table before placing the new grill in it.

My only complaint about the Primo is that the exterior metal parts rusted over time, although not to the extent that they became non-functional.

Absolutely Awesome Grill and Warranty

Its really important to me to support American business and manufacturing and Primo grills are made in America. I purchased my Primo Oval XL in December 2022 along with the cypress table and have really loved it since. I thought about going a touch smaller but the really glad I went with the larger grate. I made the switch from gas to harwood lump charcoal and thought it would be a steep learing curve but was pretty easy. The Primo Oval XL is a super versatile grill - I use it for roasting, grilling, and smoking. The XL size easily accomidates a full brisket with room to spare. The hardwood lump charcoal makes a huge difference in taste of the food. The Primo warranty is excellent and covered a replacement ceramic fire box when the old one cracked through use. Patioscape Outdoors service Department are stars and have easily and quickly taken care of my warranty questions and replacements.