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Blackstone Chefs Table & Griddle: Unveiling the 5-Person, 36-Inch Cooking Experience

Blackstone Chefs Table & Griddle: Unveiling the 5-Person, 36-Inch Cooking Experience

Blackstone Chefs Table & Griddle: Unveiling the 5-Person, 36-Inch Cooking Experience

Outdoor cooking has become a popular trend, offering a unique experience for family gatherings and social events. One of the prominent brands in this area is Blackstone, known for its durable and high-quality griddles designed for cooking enthusiasts. Their griddles, especially the Blackstone 36 inch griddle, have gained considerable acclaim among food lovers who wish to transform their backyard into a culinary paradise.

The Blackstone 5 Person Chef's Table is an innovative product that brings the excitement of a teppanyaki restaurant into the comfort of your home. With this elegant and functional setup, family and friends can have a front-row seat to witness all the action as the meal is prepared. This groundbreaking design incorporates a 36-inch griddle, ensuring both finesse and flavor in every dish created.

Perfect for those who love entertaining, the Blackstone griddles and Chef's Table transform outdoor cooking from a mundane task to an engaging and enjoyable experience. By providing a combination of unrivaled functionality and visual appeal, these products have redefined the standards for backyard dining, allowing food enthusiasts to elevate their culinary creations.

Blackstone Chef's Table

Experience at Home

The Blackstone 5-Person Chef's Table brings the excitement of teppanyaki-style dining right to your backyard. Designed to elevate your outdoor cooking experience, this innovative chef’s table allows family and friends to gather around and enjoy a front-row seat to the action.

Built with a lightweight aluminum construction, the table is designed for durability and features a powder coat finish for outdoor use. The setup includes a secure propane tank cabinet and locking cabinets that provide ample storage for cooking utensils, seasonings, and other necessities. Additionally, the table comes equipped with a bottle opener, side shelf tool hooks, and four industrial-strength wheels for easy mobility.

One noteworthy feature of the Blackstone Chef's Table is the 36-inch griddle, which offers a spacious cooking surface of 35 3/4" W x 21 1/2" D. The griddle's hard cover ensures protection when not in use, and it comes with a storage shelf for added convenience.

Below is a summary of key features of the 5-Person Chef's Table:

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Durable outdoor powder coat finish
  • Secure locking cabinets
  • Hidden propane tank cabinet
  • Bottle opener and side shelf tool hooks
  • Four industrial-strength wheels
  • Includes a 36" Blackstone griddle with hard cover

In conclusion, the Blackstone 5-Person Chef's Table is a fantastic addition to any backyard, providing an interactive and memorable experience for both hosts and guests. The sturdy design, user-friendly features, and exceptional griddle performance make this an excellent investment for outdoor cooking enthusiasts and at-home chefs alike.

Exploring the Blackstone Griddle

The Blackstone Griddle offers a unique outdoor cooking experience with its innovative design and features, making it popular among cooking enthusiasts. This section will delve into the aspects that make this griddle a sought-after choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

Outdoor Griddle Cooking

The Blackstone 36-inch Griddle stands out as the flagship product for Blackstone, boasting a 720-square-inch cooking surface that accommodates various dishes and group sizes. The griddle's design ensures even heat distribution to give you restaurant-quality results at home. Its versatility allows you to cook anything from the perfect steak to delicious fried chicken nuggets.

The 5-Person Chef's Table, another innovative option from Blackstone, is designed to engage and captivate guests, allowing them to see the cooking magic happening right before their eyes. With its ample storage shelf, it conveniently accommodates your griddle hard cover as you cook.

Maintenance and Grease Management

To ensure the longevity and functionality of the Blackstone Griddle, proper maintenance and cleaning are essential. Therefore, Blackstone has designed the griddle with an effective rear grease management system to help you maintain a clean and safe cooking area. This system plays a vital role in preventing oil buildup, minimizing potential fire hazards, and promoting easy clean-up after use.

Here are a few key maintenance and cleaning tips to preserve your Blackstone Griddle:

  1. Post-cooking, use a griddle scraper to remove any food residue.
  2. Wipe the surface clean using a cloth or paper towel.
  3. Make sure to empty and clean the grease catch after every cookout.

Additionally, the Blackstone Griddle is equipped with industrial-strength wheels, making it easy to transport and maneuver across various terrains. The griddle's mobility enables outdoor enthusiasts to effortlessly bring their cooking experience to different locations.

Blackstone 5 Person Chef's Table

Dining Designed for Five

The Blackstone 5 Person Chef's Table is a versatile and innovative outdoor cooking and dining solution. It features a built-in 36-inch Blackstone Griddle, offering ample cooking surface for preparing various dishes for your guests. Designed to comfortably accommodate up to five people, this Chef's Table is perfect for entertaining and creating a fun, interactive dining experience in your own backyard.

Built for Convenience

This unique chef's table is not only designed for a great dining experience, but also for convenience. It offers multiple features to enhance both cooking and hosting:

  • Propane Tank Cabinet: The hidden propane tank cabinet ensures that your propane tank is safely and securely stored away, without being an eyesore while you cook and entertain.
  • Side Shelf Tool Hooks: The side shelf comes equipped with tool hooks to keep your spatulas, tongs, and other grilling utensils close at hand but neatly organized and within reach.
  • Storage Space: The table also provides ample storage space for the griddle hardcover, as well as other cooking items you may need for your outdoor culinary adventures.

Constructed from lightweight aluminum and featuring a durable outdoor powder coat finish, the Blackstone 5 Person Chef's Table is a fantastic addition to any outdoor space. The four industrial-strength wheels make it easy to move and position the table wherever you need it, ensuring that you're always ready to entertain and impress your guests with your culinary skills.

Blackstone's 36 Inch Griddle

Size and Capacity

Blackstone's 36" griddle provides a spacious cooking area for outdoor chefs, making it perfect for gatherings and patio cooking. The large griddle surface allows for simultaneous cooking of multiple food items, offering versatility and efficiency. This griddle is especially ideal for those who enjoy hosting parties or simply cooking large meals in an outdoor setting.

Standout Features

One of the standout features of the Blackstone 36" griddle is its hard cover, which protects the cooking surface and keeps it clean when not in use. This feature is particularly useful for those who store their grills on their patios, as it shields the griddle from the elements.

Another convenient feature of the Blackstone 5 Person Chefs Table W/ 36" Griddle is the inclusion of a bottle opener, making it easy to enjoy a cold beverage while cooking. This thoughtful addition not only enhances the cooking experience but also adds a touch of convenience for users.

In terms of functionality, the griddle boasts four independently controlled cooking zones, ensuring precise temperature control for various food items. The patented rear grease management system simplifies the cleaning process, while the magnetic utensil retention strip helps keep essential tools at hand.

Overall, the Blackstone 36" griddle is a practical and efficient choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Its generous cooking surface, hard cover protection, and convenient features like the bottle opener make it a worthwhile investment for those who love to cook and entertain in their outdoor living spaces.


The Blackstone 5-Person Chef's Table is an innovative outdoor cooking solution that brings the excitement of teppanyaki-style cooking to your backyard. It combines the popular Blackstone 36" Griddle with a specially designed table to create a unique and enjoyable cooking experience for family gatherings, special celebrations, or intimate get-togethers.

The 36" griddle allows for maximum cooking versatility, featuring four independently controlled burners that can be adjusted to different heat levels to ensure perfect cooking results. Whether it's burgers, steaks, or eggs, the Blackstone griddle has you covered. The griddle's surface is made of cold-rolled steel, ensuring even heat distribution and easy cleanup.

The 5-Person Chef's Table itself is designed to accommodate up to five people sitting at the bar-height countertop, allowing them to watch the cooking process up-close and interact with the cook. This setup not only provides a unique and entertaining experience but also promotes socializing and engaging conversations among friends and family.

In addition to the 36" Griddle, Blackstone offers other variations of outdoor griddles, such as the 28-inch Griddle and portable options like the 22-inch and 17-inch Griddles. These alternative sizes cater to different needs, providing flexibility for various outdoor spaces and cooking requirements.

Overall, the Blackstone Chef's Table and 36" Griddle combination is an excellent addition to any outdoor cooking area, offering a unique and engaging culinary experience for all involved. The company's diverse griddle line ensures there's an option to suit every need, allowing you to achieve restaurant-quality results in the comfort of your own backyard.

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