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Blackstone Gas Griddle Review: Ultimate Cooking Performance Unveiled

Blackstone Gas Griddle Review: Ultimate Cooking Performance Unveiled

Blackstone Gas Griddle Review: Ultimate Cooking Performance Unveiled

Blackstone gas griddles offer a versatile and popular option for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. These griddles are designed to cater to a variety of cooking needs, be it for a family backyard barbecue or a camping adventure.

Equipped with multiple burners, Blackstone griddles provide ample cooking space and the ability to create distinct heat zones, allowing for the simultaneous preparation of different types of food.

The functionality of Blackstone griddles extends beyond just grilling; they can also serve as a flat-top cooking station, ideal for making anything from pancakes to steaks. Durable construction and a portable design make them a preferred choice for those who appreciate the convenience of outdoor cooking without sacrificing quality.

With a range of models available, including options with built-in features such as air fryers and hoods, Blackstone aims to accommodate the preferences of a wide audience.

Griddle Features and Specifications

Blackstone Stainless Steel 36 Inch Gas Griddle

Blackstone griddles are known for their robust performance and versatile cooking options. Outlined here are the specific features and specifications buyers can expect from these models, such as impressive BTU output and thoughtful design components that ensure both efficiency and durability.

BTU Performance

The Blackstone griddles come equipped with a powerful 60,000 BTUs heat output. This is distributed across multiple burners to provide even and controllable cooking temperatures. The heat is adjustable thanks to individual control knobs, allowing for a range of cooking techniques from searing to gently warming.

Cooking Capacity

The cooking surface typically measures around 35 3/4" W x 21 1/2" D, which offers ample space to manage various food items simultaneously. One can easily cook large batches, for instance, numerous hot dogs, to serve a crowd without needing to cook in multiple rounds.

Design Innovations

Blackstone has incorporated various features to improve the cooking experience. The units often include:

  • Foldable side shelves: Assist with meal prep and organization.
  • Tool hooks: Furnish convenient access to cooking utensils.
  • Paper towel holder: Ensures clean hands and surfaces are within reach.
  • A patented rear grease management system: Aids in easier and safer clean-up.

Durability and Warranty

Constructed for longevity, the griddles are made with a hard top for protection, painting, and stainless hardware that speaks to their durability. They typically come with a 1-year warranty, ensuring that customers can invest with confidence in the durability and quality of the Blackstone griddle.

Purchase and Assembly

Purchasing a Blackstone Gas Griddle presents various options, from in-store pickups to online ordering, ensuring that buyers can find a suitable model that fits their culinary needs. The assembly process, although straightforward, requires attention to detail for optimal setup and use.

Buying Options

Online Retailers: The Blackstone Gas Griddle is available online through Patioscape Outdoors here. This option usually includes detailed terms of use and may offer broader inventory choices and sometimes, exclusive online deals.

Assembly Process

Step-by-Step Guidance: The manufacturer provides instructional material, which typically includes a step-by-step video demonstration. These resources are aimed at aiding customers through the assembly, ensuring that the process is comprehensive and manageable.

Required Tools: Assembly usually involves basic tools that most homeowners possess. It's important to follow the provided instructions closely to assemble the unit properly and ensure safety during usage.

Usage and Maintenance

In using and maintaining a Blackstone Gas Griddle, it's essential for owners to understand its specific operations, the necessary cleaning and care routines, and troubleshooting methods to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Operating the Griddle

Before igniting a Blackstone Gas Griddle, users should familiarize themselves with the ignition type. Most models feature an electric ignition system for easy start-up; simply turn the knob to the ignition setting and press the ignitor button.

For even cooking, it's advisable to preheat the griddle for several minutes. The patented rear grease management system is a key feature designed to ease use. If the griddle is equipped with this system, users should ensure it is clear of debris to function correctly.

Cleaning and Care

Cleaning a Blackstone Griddle

After cooking, cleaning a Blackstone Griddle is straightforward but crucial for its upkeep.

Users should use warm water and a cloth to wipe down the griddle, paying attention to avoid soapy water that can strip the seasoning from the surface. The griddle should be dried completely before storage.

The griddle's surface should be re-seasoned periodically by coating it with high smoke point oil, heating it, and allowing it to cool, which can be repeated 2-3 times.

Additionally, for models with a paper towel holder, using paper towels can help in applying oil evenly and cleaning the surface after use.

  • Regular Maintenance:
    • Heat: Preheat the griddle for a few minutes before use.
    • Seasoning: Apply a high smoke point oil after cleaning.
    • Grease System: Utilize the rear grease management system for cleanup.


If issues arise with the Blackstone Griddle, such as difficulty with ignition or grease management, users can often resolve them with a few targeted measures.

For electronic ignitions that fail, manual lighting using a match is a temporary solution.

If the rear grease management system is not working properly, it's typically due to blockage that can be cleared with routine cleaning.

Should owners encounter difficulties, especially with screen reader problems, they may call customer support at 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 for assistance. Reviews also suggest that consulting the user manual can provide valuable guidance for troubleshooting common issues.

Customer Support

Blackstone Products is renowned for its comprehensive customer support. Customers can reach out for assistance via various methods to ensure their griddles are operating efficiently.

Contact Options:

  • Phone Support: Customers can call Blackstone's dedicated customer service line at 1-800-430-3376 for direct assistance.
  • Text Communication: For those preferring to communicate via text, the number 38698 is available for quick and convenient support.
  • Online Resources: The official Blackstone Products website offers an array of supportive materials.

Support Resources Available:

  • Frequently Asked Questions: A section on the website addresses common inquiries.
  • Assembly Guides: Video and manual guides are accessible for customers to help with product assembly.
  • Warranty Claims: Users can read the details of warranty policies and how to file a claim.
  • Replacement Parts: Information for replacing parts is made available for parts that are missing or have broken.

Customer Service Hours: Blackstone ensures customers have adequate time to reach out with inquiries. The service hours are structured as follows:

Department Hours
Sales Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM MST
Sat & Sun: Closed
Support Mon-Fri: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM MST

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs provide important insights into maintaining, using, and troubleshooting Blackstone gas griddles for optimal performance and safety.

What type of maintenance is required for a Blackstone gas griddle to ensure its longevity?

Regular maintenance of a Blackstone gas griddle includes cleaning the cooking surface after each use, storing it in a dry area, and routinely checking for loose or damaged components. Periodically, the burners and other gas components should be inspected for blockages or wear.

How should a Blackstone griddle be properly seasoned before use?

Before using a Blackstone griddle, one should apply a thin layer of high smoke point oil over the entire cooking surface. The griddle should be heated on low for about 15 minutes, followed by high heat for another 15 minutes. This process should be repeated several times to build up a non-stick seasoning layer.

Can a Blackstone gas griddle be converted to natural gas, and if so, how?

A Blackstone gas griddle can be converted to natural gas using a conversion kit offered by Blackstone. The kit comes with detailed instructions, and it typically involves replacing the propane orifices with natural gas orifices and connecting the griddle to a natural gas line.

What are the advantages of cooking with a Blackstone gas griddle compared to traditional grills?

Cooking with a Blackstone gas griddle offers a large, flat cooktop that evenly distributes heat, allowing for versatile cooking techniques such as frying, sautéing, and griddle baking. The open flat surface is ideal for cooking a variety of foods without the limitations of grill grates.

How can one troubleshoot uneven heating or flame issues on a Blackstone gas griddle?

To troubleshoot uneven heating or flame issues on a Blackstone gas griddle, one should first ensure the gas pressure is correct and that the propane tank is full. Clean the griddle surface and burner ports to remove any obstructions that may be causing uneven flames.

What are the safety considerations when operating a Blackstone gas griddle?

Safety considerations for operating a Blackstone gas griddle include keeping the griddle on a stable, non-combustible surface. Also, maintain a safe distance from flammable materials and monitor the griddle while in use to prevent over-heating or flare-ups. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines.

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