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A Comprehensive Review Guide of 28-Inch Blackstone Griddles - Patioscape Outdoors

A Comprehensive Review Guide of 28-Inch Blackstone Griddles

Welcome to our in-depth review of the Top 5 Best Selling 28-inch Blackstone griddles, where we'll dive deep into the world of outdoor cooking excellence. If you're a grilling enthusiast, you know that a griddle can take your culinary creations to a whole new level. Blackstone, a renowned name in the industry, offers a range of 28-inch griddles, each designed to elevate your cooking experience. In this article, we'll explore these griddles inside and out, examining their features, performance, and versatility. Whether you're a seasoned griddle chef or a newcomer to this exciting cooking method, our review will help you make an informed decision and transform your outdoor cooking adventures. Get ready to sizzle, sear, and delight your taste buds as we uncover the secrets behind these 5 28-inch Blackstone griddles.

#1 Blackstone 28" Culinary Pro 28" Rangetop Griddle - 1963

Blackstone 28 xl griddle rangetop combo

One of the shining stars and ranked number one in Blackstone's 28-inch griddle lineup is the Culinary Pro 28" XL Rangetop Combo Griddle. This griddle is a true powerhouse in the outdoor cooking arena. With a whopping 45,000 BTUs of heating power at your disposal, this culinary workhorse can deliver exceptional results with every meal. Its generous 612 square inches of grilling surface not only accommodate a staggering 25 burger patties but also provide ample space for you to get creative with your griddle-cooked dishes. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this griddle not only looks sleek but is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor cooking.

blackstone pro rangetop top view specs

But the features don't stop there; the Culinary Pro comes equipped with a double side burner, boasting 15,000 BTUs on each side. This additional cooking space opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to prepare sides, sauces, and more while your main course sizzles away. With three burners in total, you have precise control over temperature zones, ensuring your meals are cooked to perfection.

Storage is no issue with this griddle, thanks to its convenient cabinet storage space, providing room for your grilling essentials and keeping your outdoor cooking area tidy. Additionally, the magnetic tool bar and side shelves offer practicality and convenience, keeping your utensils within arm's reach while you work your culinary magic. The Culinary Pro 28" XL Rangetop Combo Griddle is a true kitchen on wheels, ready to turn your backyard into a gourmet paradise.

#2 Blackstone 28" Griddle with Air Fryer Combo - 1962

28 inch blackstone griddle with air fryer

Next up in our exploration of Blackstone's 28-inch griddles is the innovative 28" Blackstone Griddle with Air Fryer. This culinary marvel combines the best of griddling and air frying in one powerful unit.

With 34,000 BTUs of cooking power, this griddle is ready to tackle any recipe you throw at it. Its 525 square inches of grilling surface provide ample space to get creative with your meals, making it perfect for family gatherings or backyard feasts. But what sets this griddle apart is its integrated 13,000 BTU air fryer. This feature opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to enjoy the crispy, delicious results of air frying right alongside your traditional griddle favorites.

28 blackstone griddle with air fryer

The convenience factor is through the roof with this model. Side shelves, complete with hooks and a magnetic toolbar, provide ample space to organize your cooking utensils and keep everything within arm's reach. Whether you're flipping burgers, tossing veggies, or air frying some delicious snacks, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips.

1962 air fryer combo shelves features

Speaking of versatility, this griddle offers unlimited cooking possibilities. From pancakes and bacon to stir-fries and crispy French fries, you can experiment with a wide array of dishes, all on one versatile cooking surface. It can even accommodate a whopping 21 burger patties at once, making it a true crowd-pleaser.

Blackstone air fryer combo cooking possibilities

To top it off, the thoughtful design includes a paper towel and garbage bag holder, making cleanup a breeze. With the 28" Blackstone Griddle with Air Fryer, you'll not only enjoy delicious meals but also a hassle-free cooking experience that's perfect for outdoor chefs of all levels.

#3 Blackstone 28" XL Griddle - 2080

Blackstone 28 xl griddle

Our third contender, the Blackstone 28 XL Griddle, is engineered to take your outdoor cooking to the next level with its impressive enhancements and expansive cooking area. This griddle is a standout choice for serious outdoor chefs.

blackstone 28 inch xl griddle burger patty chart

At 3 ½ inches deep, it matches the depth of the larger 36-inch griddle, providing you with even more space to unleash your culinary creativity. With a generous 613 square inches of cooking area, it offers a remarkable 88 square inches more than the standard 28-inch model. This extra space means you can cook up a storm, accommodating up to 25 burger patties simultaneously or serving a hungry crowd of 20 people with ease.

With a powerful 45,000 BTUs and three burners at your disposal, you'll have precise control over heat zones, ensuring your dishes are cooked to perfection. Whether you're searing, sautéing, or simmering, this griddle can handle it all.

xl 28 inch griddle

The Blackstone 28 XL Griddle is designed with practicality in mind, featuring side shelves that provide additional workspace for prep and serving. Plus, a paper towel holder adds convenience to your outdoor cooking setup, keeping cleanup hassle-free.

This griddle is the ideal choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts who crave more space, versatility, and power without making the leap to a larger griddle. With the Blackstone 28 XL Griddle, you'll have the tools to create culinary masterpieces in your own backyard.

#4 Blackstone 28" Griddle W/ Hood & Front Shelf - 2086

28 griddle with hood and front shelf

Our next contender in the world of 28-inch Blackstone griddles is the feature-packed 28" Griddle with Hood and Front Shelf. This griddle takes outdoor cooking convenience and versatility to a whole new level.

With 34,000 BTUs of power and two burners, it's a force to be reckoned with, providing efficient and even heat distribution across its 525 square inches of cooking surface. This means you can confidently cook up to 21 burger patties at a time or prepare a wide range of dishes for your hungry guests.

Blackstone 28 inch with hood and front shelf customer picture

One of the standout features of this griddle is its hinged lid, which can be closed while cooking to trap heat and flavor or opened to create a convenient cooking space. This lid design not only adds versatility but also helps you achieve perfect sears and even cooking temperatures.

Practicality is at the forefront of this griddle's design. It comes equipped with a paper towel holder, ensuring you can easily clean up spills and messes as you cook. The front accessory shelf provides a handy workspace for food prep or serving, and accessory hooks and a magnetic tool bar keep your grilling essentials within arm's reach.

Whether you're a seasoned griddle chef or a beginner, the 28" Griddle with Hood and Front Shelf is a fantastic choice. Its thoughtful features make outdoor cooking a breeze, allowing you to focus on creating delicious meals for family and friends without the hassle.

#5 Blackstone 28" Original Griddle W/ Hood - 2147

Blackstone 2147

Last but certainly not least, we have the 28" Griddle with Hood, a close sibling to the 4th griddle in our lineup, with one notable distinction—it doesn't feature the front accessory shelf.

Like its counterpart, this griddle boasts 34,000 BTUs of power from its two burners, ensuring you have the heat you need to cook up a storm on its 525 square inches of cooking surface. With the ability to grill up to 21 burger patties at a time, it's an excellent choice for feeding a crowd.

blackstone 28 with lid

The standout feature here is the hinged lid, which provides flexibility in cooking styles, allowing you to trap heat and flavor when closed or create an open cooking space when needed. The lid's versatility enhances the griddle's performance, giving you more control over your culinary creations.

While it may lack the front accessory shelf, it compensates with a sleek and streamlined design that's perfect for those who prefer a simpler setup. With its convenient paper towel holder and the ability to easily hang accessories on the integrated hooks and magnetic tool bar, the 28" Griddle with Hood offers a practical and efficient cooking experience.


In conclusion, we've taken a delightful journey through the world of Blackstone's 28-inch griddles, each offering its unique set of features and capabilities. From the power-packed Culinary Pro 28" XL Rangetop Combo Griddle to the versatile 28" Blackstone Griddle with Air Fryer, and the practical and efficient 28" Griddle with Hood, these griddles have something to offer every outdoor cooking enthusiast.

blackstone 2147

Now, it's your turn to elevate your outdoor cooking game. Whether you're a grilling expert or a beginner looking to expand your culinary horizons, Blackstone's 28-inch griddles provide the tools you need to create memorable meals in your own backyard.

So, why wait? Take the next step and transform your outdoor cooking adventures today. Click the link below to explore Blackstone's 28-inch griddles and find the perfect one to suit your needs. With these griddles by your side, you'll be well on your way to becoming the ultimate outdoor chef. Happy griddling! 🔥🍔🌽

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